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Section 1

Contracts (i.e. Performance Agreement)

Please review the University's site for the basic policies and procedures governing the entrance of a contractual agreement on behalf of the Univeristy here:

 Contract Services


To Process a Performance Agreement:

1)  Fill in a UC performance agreement with all the provisions that both parties want reflected in the agreement and then, send to the BSO office along with a completed Non-Employee/Vendor Business Entertainment Payment Request Form. The business office will review the agreement and send it back to you with revisions and/or approval.  Then, the final document will be sent to the artist and/or artist agent for signature. The package then goes to Asst. Vice Chancellor of  Student Affairs, Dr. Rameen Talesh for his approval, and electronic payment forms get processed to assure timely payment.

Note: In order to secure a performance agreement, determine an appropriate artist your program would like to engage. Discuss with artist and/or artist agent the logistics of a topic, date, time and the services he/she will provide and the negotiated fee. Consider including costs for travel in the agreement. Only a UC performance agreement can be signed by both parties to negotiate an agreement with the University of California.

2) Check to see if the artist/speaker has been onboarded into KFS. If the artist/speaker has not been onboarded, please complete a Vendor Onboarding Request. For instructions on how to do this, please visit our KFS Vendor Onboarding Instructions page.

3) If this is a co-sponsored program with another department, please have the other department fill out a SLL UCI Departmental Co-Sponsorship Form. Please attach this form with the documents listed in section 2 (above).

See Honoraria for additional information.