Business Services Office, Student Life & Leadership, UC Irvine


Section 1

Contracts / Agreements


To Process a Contract for Performance:

1) Please contact Yara Lewin by phone to initiate a contract for performance at a minimum of 5 weeks prior to performance date. Do not sign any contract prior to BSO review.

2) Yara will instruct you about how to complete an agreement.

Things to Think About: In order to secure an agreement, determine an appropriate artist your program would like to engage. Discuss with artist and/or artist agent the logistics of a topic, date, time and the services he/she will provide and the negotiated fee. Include costs for travel in the agreement. A UC agreement should be used as the primary contract with the perfomer or speaker. Following negotiation, the contract will be finalized and signed by your AVC and vendor/agent.

3) Check to see if the artist/speaker has been onboarded into KFS. If the artist/speaker has not been onboarded, please complete a Vendor Onboarding Request. For instructions on how to do this, please visit our KFS Vendor Onboarding Instructions page.

See Honoraria for additional information.

*The SLL UCI Departmental Co-Sponsorship Form has been taken down for revision.

3) If this is a co-sponsored program with another department, please have the other department fill out a SLL UCI Departmental Co-Sponsorship Form. Please attach this form with the documents listed in section 2 (above).