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Corporate Card

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Corporate Card

Corporate Card Information - Zot Portal

Purpose: UC Irvine employees with University (travel related) business expense needs with appropriate departmental approval may apply for the card. This is a charge card, NOT a credit card. The full balance is due upon receipt of the monthly statement. All statements will be sent to your department address for your review and submission to your department for payment approval.

The charges on this card are the responsibility of the card holder as are any incurred late fees. Only department head pre-approved charges compliant with UC Policies and procedures are reimbursed.

The account CANNOT be used for the following: 

1) Personal charges (of any kind)

2) The business travel of others in your department or incoming guests. (APL-e card only)

3) Supplies and materials for your department. (PAL card only)

4) Alcohol

Instructions for completing the Corporate Card application

1) Complete Application

2) Send a copy of the application to BSO for your personnel file

Instructions for departmental reimbursement

1) For reimbursement, please complete the form below, print, and submit to BSO along with: Invoice, Itemized Recept(s), Attendee List, Meeting Agenda or Event Flyer/Invitation

Form: Form Employee Business/Entertainment Reimbursement Request Form


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