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Purpose: A deposit transaction is appropriately made into an income account or into an expense account as a re-imbursement for an expense. Deposits are processed by BSO through the Campus Online Deposite (COD) system. (This process is not used for deposits to UCI Foundation.)


1.) Count out Currency

  • Strap and bundle currency in the same denomination in increments of 100 with standard bank currency straps. (Example: 100 ones=$100, 100 fives=$500, etc.)
  • Sort loose currency by denomination and rubber band it together in one stack.
  • Place loose coin (the bank prefers unrolled coin) in a small envelope and write the amount enclosed on the outside. For amounts $25 or more, use a plastic bank bag and write the total coin amount boldly on the outside of the bag. Central Cashier can provide you with bags at your request.

2.) Accepting Checks: Information

3.) Complete the form below, print, and contact BSO for a time to verify the cash/check amount you are depositing.

Form: Form Deposits Form


Resources:  Policy for Cash and Cash Equivalents Received