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Recommendations and things to consider when processing an Honoraria:

The amount of the honorarium should be specified in an agreement or in correspondence with the individual who will receive the honorarium. A copy of the agreement or correspondence should accompany any request for payment.

Generally, honoraria are paid to persons of scholarly or professional standing in conjunction with an academic activity at UCI.

Anyone who is already in an independent contractor relationship with the University, cannot be paid an Honoraria.

When you are deciding on how to submit an Honorarium, You must decided who you are paying and which form to use, Once you have decided, you are independently responsible for submitting and routing your documents through the proper channels.

(Please submit a copy of your Honorarium packet to BSO for reconciliation.)

NOTE: If the individual is not available in KFS, please onboard the individual in KFS. For onboarding instructions, please follow this link. This is new and has not been added to the Honoraria instruction link below.

Honoraria link:

Resources for ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number):