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Purchase Orders

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Purchase Orders

Purpose: To purchase supplies, equipment and to contract various services for programmatic use.

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There are three kinds of purchase orders utilized for purchases and payment.

1)  A low-value purchase order used for purchases up to $2500.00

2) A high-value purchase order used for purchases of over $2500.00. This purchase order must include 3 bids that you have sought and the reason why you have selected the one out of the three vendors' bids presented.

3) A purchase order blanket which pays out a specific part of the purchase order for a period of one year until the whole value of the purchase order is paid out.  (i.e. maintenance blanket orders or AIbertson's food orders.)


1) Purchase Orders need 10 day lead time.

2) To generate a purchase order, complete the form(s) below, print, and submit to BSO.

Reminder: Make sure a copy of the proposed purchase delineating the item, features, catalogue number (if applicable), cost, terms of requested payment, delivery date, place of delivery, cost any special requests or concerns you may have about the purchase/vendor or procedure.

2) For purchase orders under $2500 (low value), please provide an invoice

3) For purchase orders above $2500 (high value), please provide an estimate

4) If it is a new vendor, please this link for KFS Onboarding Instructions.

Forms: Form Purchase Order Requistion