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KFS Vendor Onboarding Instructions

Section 1

KFS Vendor Onboarding Instructions

When do vendors/individuals need to be onboarded in KFS?

  1. When a vendor is NOT available (onboarded) in KFS
  2. When payments to individuals are for:
  • Non-employee travel reimbursement
  • Guest speaker fees or honoraria
  • Payments for research subjects


How do I know if a vendor or an individual is available (onboarded) in KFS?

  • Perform a Vendor Lookup by following these steps:
  1. Go to ZotPortal and login.
  2. Go to Finances/KFS tab > KFS Accounts Payable > Vendor > Vendor Lookup
  3. Search for vendor or individual by entering a portion of the name surrounded by asterisks in the Vendor Name field, ex. *Airgas* for Airgas Dry Ice
  4. View results displayed in the Vendor Name column and Search Alias column to make the correct selection, ex. Airgas Carbonic Inc. is populated in the Vendor Name field, and is "doing business as" (DBA) Airgas Dry Ice 
  5. Select the underlined Vendor Name to view the purchase order address for accuracy. This helps ensure that the correct vendor was selected.


How do I add a new vendor or an individual for a procurement or payment transaction?

  1. Complete a Vendor Onboarding Request by following these steps:
  2. Go to ZotPortal and login.
  3. Go to Finances/KFS tab > KFS Accounts Payable > Vendor > Individual Payee / PO Vendor Onboarding
  4. Enter the vendors email address and name, and select Create a Request
  5. (For additional information, the Kuali Vendor Onboarding (KVO) manual is available online.)